Mayor’s Millennial Advisory Committee Update – June 2016

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Robert Steven of the Art Gallery of Burlington talks about the art gallery’s contribution to the quality of life in the community with the Mayor’s Millennial Advisory Committee.

Guest blog by Mark McGuire and Chris Ritsma, Co-Chairs of the Mayor’s Millennial Advisory Committee. Originally published on Burlington Mayor Rick Goldring’s blog 21 June 2016.

Burlington Mayor Rick Goldring’s Millennial Advisory Committee met on Thursday, June 9 at the Art Gallery of Burlington. The June meeting offered a presentation on the Arts in Burlington, followed by a conversation on urban design, concluding with a roundtable on short term goals of the committee.

Robert Steven, CEO and President of the Art Gallery of Burlington, gave a special presentation on the present state of the visual arts. After the presentation, Robert Steven facilitated a discussion on the visual arts and culture in Burlington. The Mayor’s Millennial Advisory Committee expressed interest in supporting the art event Moonglade by No Vacancy Art in Burlington to engage with Millennials over the city’s visual arts.


Kaylan Edgcumbe and Jamie Tellier talk about urban design with the Mayor’s Millennial Advisory Committee.

Jamie Tellier, Manager of Urban Design, and Kaylan Edgcumbe, Senior Transportation Planner, both with the City of Burlington presented their proposal for the future formation of an urban design panel. Jamie Tellier and Kaylan Edgcumbe explained how the urban design panel would function. The proposed urban design panel could help developers navigate through the required processes while listening to residents to create an attractive city that is growing upwards and not out.

The Millennial Advisory Committee then discussed their position and options available to delegate on regarding the New Street Construction and Street Improvements with Jamie Tellier and Kaylan Edgcumbe to gain an insight into the design factors the city has considered.

The Millennial Advisory Committee subcommittee for active transportation delivered their briefing note report to the committee to help guide the discussion on selecting an option to delegate with. The briefing note included information from the Cycling Committee’s Dan Ozimkovic’s May visit and the public meeting the Cycling Committee held on May 24. The public meeting offered a forum discussion for residents to ask questions, as well as to share their thoughts with the Cycling Committee and City staff present.

The Mayor’s Millennial Advisory Committee will be engaging with the city to speak as delegates at the Development and Infrastructure Committee meeting on July 12 at 6:30 PM and at City Council on July 18 at 6:30 PM for the report on cycling infrastructure on New Street between Guelph Line and Burloak Drive.

The meeting concluded with a roundtable discussion on short and medium term goals for the Millennial Advisory Committee, with a focus on creating culture that engages and attracts millennials in Burlington.

The Mayor’s Millennial Advisory Committee will meet next at the Halton Hive in July to discuss how to create economic opportunities for millennials in the city.

Please join or follow Burlington’s millennial community’s engagement on Twitter by searching the hashtag #burlennials.

Mayor Goldring's Millennial Advisory Committee.

Mayor Goldring’s Millennial Advisory Committee.


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